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kindle fire is amazing. it's a life-changer.
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where you'll pay what our ee families pay. event, you'll save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. get this samsung french door refrigerator for the incredible price of $1439. and save big on this proscan 39" led tv . only $277. plus tablets start at only 69 dollars. now through august 17th, save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. at the h.h. gregg employee family prices event, you'll pay what our families pay.
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this picture would be perfect -- if only our daughter and i were in it with you instead of this sow and her piglet. i am the one who loves you, will do anything for you, and still you pine for her. still she spurns you.
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she cultivates happiness with others, and you -- you ignore me. this obsession with her must end. i shall be the one to end it. [ lock disengaging ] [ door opens ] >> britt: oh, my god! mother! [ sighs ] you scared the hell out of me. >> dr. obrecht: language, britta. >> britt: what are you doing here? what if my nosy roommates see you? >> sabrina: i'm excited to. >> felix: ooh! time for a confab. >> sabrina: what's so important? >> felix: the 411 on the britt's mama brutchess. >> dr. obrecht: relax. your flatmates were long gone before i let myself in. >> britt: you've just been sitting here in the dark? >> dr. obrecht: i do my best thinking that way. >> britt: whatever.
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>> dr. obrecht: you should be grateful, schatzie. i was sitting in the dark when i had the brilliant idea to win patrick over with a baby -- even one that isn't really his. [ elevator bell dings ] >> dante: am i late? >> lulu: no. you're right on time. >> dante: that's just 'cause you got me here a half an hour early, didn't you? >> lulu: mm, i may have given you some slight misinformation regarding the start time. >> dante: yeah? >> lulu: mm-hmm. >> dante: you're not even gonna apologize. >> lulu: mnh-mnh. mnh-mnh. no, i'm not, because i already missed maxie's first childbirth class. >> dante: yes, you did. you did. and i don't want to miss any more childbirthing classes. spinelli has pinch-hit enough. this kid is liable to think that he's her father. [ both chuckle ] >> maxie: [ sighs ] >> spinelli: what -- what are you doing?! >> maxie: what am i doing? what are you doing? >> spinelli: protecting you and the baby! nothing can happen to that child. >> maxie: [ sighs ] >> lulu: well, don't you worry. we are gonna make sure that our baby knows exactly who her dad is. >> dante: and her mom. >> lulu: mm, along with various and sundry aunts, uncles, cousins. >> dante: grandparents.
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>> lulu: even those in absentia. >> anna: [ chuckles ] you're delusional, mr. spencer. jerry jacks isn't here. >> luke: then why did your father withdraw that money? >> anna: because he needed it. >> luke: for what? to bathe in? to buy blarney castle? why? >> sean: because of this! >> holly: my god! is that what i think it is? >> luke: it's the cure. >> anna: i didn't think you'd be able to get out of work in time to come help with mac and felicia's party. >> duke: ah, i thought it would be prudent if i left elq early. with all the upheaval over there, it's best if i keep a low profile. i wouldn't want to be wandering into tracy's cross hairs. >> anna: what do you mean? what upheaval? >> duke: you haven't heard? >> anna: mnh-mnh. >> duke: i may be out of a job, thanks to ava jerome. >> ava: silas.

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